We are in the process of building and expanding this video library - a collection of high-quality videos and animations on food sustainability, produced by third parties and the FCRN. You can read about our plans here. If you have any suggestions on topics or videos that should be included, please send a message to Walter.

Please note that the FCRN does not necessarily endorse the viewpoints expressed in these videos. This video library showcases a variety of differing perspectives on food sustainability topics.

This instruction video by the FAO provides an introduction to the topic of gender inequalities in agriculture in agriculture and rural development.
A video by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) on why agricultural research should become more gender inclusive and how this can be realised.
Colleen Anunu presents her research on gender inequalities in coffee supply chains and explores what is needed to overcome them.
Simon Bush discusses what it really means when seafood is being labelled as sustainable and how consumers could promote the more sustainable consumption and production of seafood.
Imke de Boer explores what research says about the role of animals in future food systems.
Simon Bush introduces emerging trends in aquaculture value chains research
Imke de Boer discusses circular agriculture and the role of animals in a sustainable food system.
Mike Hamm explores the opportunity for regional food systems in-and-around cities for mutual benefit.
A key note presentation by Corinna Hawkes on creating healthy and sustainable city food environments given at The George Institute for Global Health. The presentation is followed by a panel discussion involving Brian Cook, Monica Gregory, Frances Hansford, and Jamie Izzard and chaired by Jacqui Webster.
Professor Corinna Hawkes discusses insights from the London Child Obesity Taskforce, and how the pathways to progress evidenced by the Taskforce can be used as blueprints not just for cities and nations.
An explainer by N2Africa on nitrogen fixation and seed inoculation methods for smallholder farming