We are in the process of building and expanding this video library - a collection of high-quality videos and animations on food sustainability, produced by third parties and the FCRN. You can read about our plans here. If you have any suggestions on topics or videos that should be included, please send a message to Walter.

Please note that the FCRN does not necessarily endorse the viewpoints expressed in these videos. This video library showcases a variety of differing perspectives on food sustainability topics.

Tara Garnett introduces the FCRN.
Claire Kremen discusses the potential of diversified forms of agriculture as a sustainable alternative to intensive agriculture, which would benefit bees and other species.
Olivier De Schutter gives an introduction to the right to food, its history, its legal significance, and practical examples,
Claire Kremen arguing that decreasing bee populations highlight a need to move away from monocultures towards more diversified farming systems.
Jessica Fanzo discusses the relations between climate resilience, healthy diets, and sustainable food systems.
This video by the FAO addresses the role of forests in supporting rural livelihoods and food security.
Shenggen Fan on the need for solving the triple burden of malnutrition and improving food system resilience.
Marion Nestle on the role of corporations in shaping food consumption choices.
Dariush Mozaffarian discusses the impacts of nutrition on health, the societal costs of a global nutrition crisis, and the need to translate new research into policy making on food and health.
Tim Benton and Frances Seymour discuss the relations between food crisis, land use, and climate change.
Parke Wilde explores how discussions about sustainable diets play out differently under conditions of abundance and scarcity.
Shenggen Fan explores the role food system innovations can play in responding to climate change, achieving the end of hunger and malnutrition, and addressing other social, economic, and environmental goals.
Different experts highlight important relations between food and climate change, and share their visions for achieving food system sustainability.
Ken Giller explains how nitrogen fixation in legumes by means of rhizobia symbiosis could assist small farmers in Africa to reach an environmentally sustainable agriculture.
A wide-ranging panel of policy makers, an industry representative and a chef explores global issues of food system sustainability.
A panel discussion about closing the gender gap in farming under climate change.