We are in the process of building and expanding this video library - a collection of high-quality videos and animations on food sustainability, produced by third parties and the FCRN. You can read about our plans here. If you have any suggestions on topics or videos that should be included, please send a message to Walter.

Please note that the FCRN does not necessarily endorse the viewpoints expressed in these videos. This video library showcases a variety of differing perspectives on food sustainability topics.

Susan Jebb, Tara Garnett and Mike Rayner on nutrition, health and environmental implications of food choices.
Callum Roberts on the decrease of fish levels and sustainable fishing - how to make fish abundant again?
A lecture by Callum Roberts on shifting baselines in the abundance of fish.
Rosamond (Roz) Naylor discussing how the globally increasing demand for seafood be met more sustainably.
David Little on the role of aquaculture in supporting (rural) livelihoods and food security for the poor.
Walter Willett, Sunita Narain, Juan Rivera Dommarco, Sonja Vermeulen, Tara Garnett and Jessica Fanzo on what makes a healthy and sustainable diet.
Alan Dangour outlines the double burden of malnutrition and its impacts upon health. A focus on young people.
Susan Jebb discusses different factors underlying the increase of obesity in the UK, and what will be needed to support more healthy diets.
Susan Jebb on what shapes the diet, underlying causes for the rise of obesity, and leverages for change.
Corinna Hawkes on the current state of actions that are taken by countries to counter malnutrition.
Corinna Hawkes shares her views on problems in the food system and what will be needed to counter malnutrition.
Carlos Monteiro presents the Brazilian Dietary Guidelines and the underpinning concept of ultra-processed food.
A brief explainer of the concept 'food security', which addresses some of the mechanisms underlying hunger and malnutrition.
Charles Godfray discusses the meaning of 'sustainable intensification'
Charles Godfray discusses current challenges for global food security and food system sustainability.
Tara Garnett presents the key findings of the FCRN's report 'Grazed and Confused'.