We are in the process of building and expanding this video library - a collection of high-quality videos and animations on food sustainability, produced by third parties and the FCRN. You can read about our plans here. If you have any suggestions on topics or videos that should be included, please send a message to Walter.

Please note that the FCRN does not necessarily endorse the viewpoints expressed in these videos. This video library showcases a variety of differing perspectives on food sustainability topics.

UNEP animation: why do we need to change our food system?
UNEP animation: how and why should food be considered within the climate policies of cities?
SusPlus presentation by Prof Alexander Wezel 'Agroecology and sustainable food systems'.
SusPlus presentation by Prof Carola Strassner on 'systems research methods'.
SusPlus presentation by Dr Eve Veromann 'Ecosystem services in food systems'.
SusPlus presentation by Dr Teresa Briz 'From farm to fork: food value chain analysis'.
SusPlus presentation by Dr Céline Michaud on geographical indications and terroir: examples from France.
IFSTAL webinar: a discussion on food system resilience with Dr John Ingram and Dr Rosemary Collier.
IFSTAL talk by Prof Tim Lang 'Sustainable diets for all: academic pie-in-the-sky or ecological public health inevitability?'.
Professor Andrew Balmford describes his research on land sharing vs land sparing for biodiversity conservation.
Animated summary of the FCRN's Grazed and Confused? report.
A video by the Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change addressing several challenges for achieving global food security in the context of climate change.
Tim Benton discusses whether we can produce enough food sustainably to feed the world.
Will Nicholson (FCRN) explores the various environmental impacts of different types of meat. Will produced this video for catering clients under his work at IntoFood.
In this short explainer, Tara Garnett (FCRN) discusses some challenges for food system sustainability.
Tara Garnett (FCRN) on disagreements that underpin different perspectives on food system sustainability.