8.1 Introduction: what are the concerns with meat and dairy, and who are the major stakeholders in the debate?

8.1.1 Livestock: a convergence of concerns

Rearing livestock and consumption of animal products raises multiple social, environmental and ethical concerns

FCRN (2016, unpublished)

8.1.2 The stakeholders in the debate

Stakeholders in the meat and dairy debate

Stakeholders include:

  • Livestock & food industry.
  • Civil society organisations (including environmental, animal rights/welfare groups, public health campaigners etc.).
  • People with specific dietary interests (e.g. religious, ethical, health-conscious, etc.).
  • Vets.
  • Ethicists.
  • Public health bodies.
  • Academics and policy makers (all influenced by the above).

All have different priorities, interests and values relating to livestock’s impact on health, the environment and society.

This chapter looks at the different views these stakeholders hold on meat and livestock in relation to: health, the environment and animal welfare.