7.8 Conclusions
  • Food systems affect health in many ways:

    • Environmental health risks.
    • Food security and nutrition.
    • Infectious diseases and injuries.
    • Health equity impacts.
  • But the link between food, diet and health outcomes is clearly an important one.
  • Diet related problems are shifting, moving from “not enough” to “too much of the wrong kind”.
  • But hunger and micronutrient deficiencies persist.
  • Health impacts of poor diets are one element of other unhealthy lifestyle factors – i.e. part of an unhealthy ‘package’.
  • The social and economic context is very important – poor people across the world have poorer diets and poorer health outcomes than the wealthy.
  • The challenge is to identify what healthy and sustainable eating patterns look like, appropriate to different socio-economic, cultural and geographical contexts.

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